Engage with us

Find out how to connect and engage with PB.net!


PB.net has two modes of engagement: 

  • The Core Group consists of network partners engaged in PB.net research through formal institutional links, such as joint projects and jointly appointed researchers involved in the working groups. Representatives of these partner institutions make up the scientific strategy group, coordinating the network’s activities.
  • PB.net associates are people who engage in informal collaboration with the network through the working groups of PB.net. Mutually beneficial and cooperative interactions include jointly convened workshops, collaborative research articles, and other means of information exchange with PB.net’s working groups.


How to propose a new working group

Prospective PB.net working groups have to present:

  • A concise work plan that fits within the PB.net research domain
  • A well-defined working group team
  • Clearly specified outputs over a ~2-3 year time horizon
  • Satellite activities are more flexible in timeframe and scale. These may be a taskforce for specialist input to a work-group, an activity that links existing working groups, or the nucleus for a future work-group