Planetary Boundaries Research Network is a research network that aims to deepen scientific understanding of the linked social and biophysical dynamics of the Earth system. New approaches are needed to help humanity deal with the challenges of climate change and other global environmental risks.



We have three broad objectives:

  • Develop scientific insights about the dynamic changes, interactions, and thresholds in linked social-natural systems, with a particular focus on the planetary scale;
  • Underpin these insights with the best available evidence;
  • Channel these insights effectively to users, informing society’s sustainability decisions.

Planetary Boundaries research seeks to identify and analyse critical sustainability issues at the planetary scale, by linking knowledge about the physical basis of Earth system processes, the nature of human perturbations, and the consequences of these changes. Achieving this dynamic understanding requires a step-change from today’s methodological and analytic approaches to conceptualising and modelling the global human-environment system. coordinates diverse research efforts towards this goal, developing a shared knowledge platform for activities in scientific synthesis, research capacity building, and direct engagement with agents of change in global sustainability.

Global change science requires international, interdisciplinary networks. The planetary boundaries concept puts the spotlight onto pressing environmental issues, starting from an Earth system perspective – and shows the advances and limitations of our current scientific understanding and toolkit. has been created to seed the growth of new research collaborations worldwide addressing global-to-regional-to-local sustainability.